People do their best to not let passion begin It's dead before it has a chance to start And so then there I am, the caretaker of sin To your abandoned and malignant heart It's such a pleasure, to sing with you together Making love when there is nobody home But I can't kiss you 'til you lift up your chin You have to want to stop being alone - Jack White III ♐ Tamires I Brasil ®. I
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Dan Rather on interviewing Jack White.

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The Big Interview
Dan Rather: Tell me something about you that people don't know.
Jack White: I'm incredibly handsome.
Dan Rather: Well, people are finding that out right now.
Jack White: Well I hope so. If you guys lit this right.
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This is the greatest post in the universe.

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This is it. This is the fucking vault! I’ve been waiting so long to see this.

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